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Nov. 1st: All Saints Day Mass & Coffee

"Looking Ahead to 1st Grade & Beyond at ICGS"


ICGS Parents' Club


Our ID number # is : 11317 for Immaculate Conception Grade School. 

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Preschool Mrs. Marzec  
  Mrs. Kristen Bareny  
  Mrs. K. Wartner  
  Mrs. Jenny Leahy, Mrs. Gabrielle Wood  
Kindergarten Mrs. J. Caper  12
Kindergarten Mrs. J. Cavanaugh  11
1st Grade Ms. M. Lyons
  Mrs. S. Foley-Gajda  9
2nd Grade Ms. E. Kennedy  7
  Mrs. G. Estkowski 5
3rd Grade Ms. K. Vokac  4
  Mrs. M. Lidgus  3
4th Grade Mrs. E. Witt  8

Ms. E. Petry

5th Grade Mrs. J. Medow  15
  Mrs. M. Cousins  18
6th Grade Mrs. L. Bedore  16
  Mrs. T. Pedote  13
7th Grade Ms. M Pacana
  Ms. C. Novak 17 
8th Grade Mr. B. Tyzenhaus  21
  Ms. J. VanderHye  24
Art Mrs. M. Tourounjian  26
Nurse Mrs. T. Miller, R.N.
Music Mr. M. Watson  
Library Mrs. M. Bartels  
Math Specialist Mrs. Lauren Heath  14
Reading Specialist Mrs. L. Lightbody  1
Tech Lab Ms. K. Rudis  20
  Mrs. A. Truty  
Physical Education Mrs. DD. Shin  
  Mr. T. Sroka
Spanish Mrs. F. Kmet  
  Ms. S. Geslner  


Immaculate Conception Grade School 132 Arthur • Elmhurst, Illinois
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10/18: Athletic Bd. Mtg. at 6:30pm in Rectory

10/19: October Happy B-day/Shining Star Jeans Day

10/20: Mass at 8:15 am in Church
"Move Your Feet" Day (gym shoes)
Early Dismissal at 11:30 am (Teacher PLC)

10/22: RE Confirmation Pre-Retreat - 3-4:30 pm (All Candidates)

10/24: Living Rosary at 2 pm in Church

10/26: ICCP Shadow Day
Enrichment/Super Structures Enrichment Presentation
Halloween Hoedown Set Up - 12:30pm-10 pm in MPH

10/27: Mass at 8:15 am in Church
End of 1st Quarter
Halloween Hoedown at 5 pm in MPH

Synergy Platform