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7th Grade Social Studies has completed their US Constitution unit and have progressed on their studies of early American history. They have taken a look at the presidencies of George Washington, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. They will be progressing through US history and looking at the events of James Madison and the War of 1812.

8th Grade Social Studies has completed their unit on the Spanish-American War. This study looked at how the US moved from a nation that practiced isolationism to a nation that became an imperialist nation and global superpower. They will be taking a look at the consequences that imperialism had across the world when discussing World War I.

7th Grade Science has just finished up their mitosis unit. This unit looked at the process of creating cells and the students created their own flip books to illustrate this process. Students will be continuing their studies on cell creation by looking at the process of meiosis.




All laboratory safety rules must be followed.  These are reviewed and students sign a contract.  Some labs require long hair to be pulled back. 

Girls with long hair are expected to have a hair accessory available for this purpose.   Proper handling of lab materials is a must

A 6-inch (15 centimeter) ruler is required.  These are used often for measuring and for creating data tables and graphs.


Science Fair is part of the 7th Grade curriculum.  A Student Manual is available for download on the Joliet Diocese Science Teachers Association website.

Students are guided in each part of this long-term project.   The process begins early in Fall and culminates with our school Science Fair in mid-January.


Specials Schedule

Monday: Spanish and Study Hall

Tuesday: Tech and PE

Wednesday: Spanish and Study Hall

Thursday: Art and PE

Friday: Spanish/Study Hall and ALEKS


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