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Mr. B. Tyzenhaus - 8th Grade



8th grade science has just recently finished a unit on chemical reactions. This included a couple of smaller activities so the students could see real life chemical reactions. After Christmas Break, the students will be looking into the properties of acids and bases.

7th grade science will be finishing up their posterboards and speeches for Science Fair before Christmas. When we return from our break, the students will be practicing their presentations for the school science fair which will be held on Wednesday January 17th in MPH immediately after school.

8th grade social studies has just finished up a unit on the Gilded Age which saw a rise in big businesses. After Christmas break, the class will start to examine the progressive movement as the United States moves into the 1900's.





All laboratory safety rules must be followed.  These are reviewed and students sign a contract.  Some labs require long hair to be pulled back. 

Girls with long hair are expected to have a hair accessory available for this purpose.   Proper handling of lab materials is a must

A 6-inch (15 centimeter) ruler is required.  These are used often for measuring and for creating data tables and graphs.


Science Fair







Science Fair is part of the 7th Grade curriculum.  A Student Manual is available for download on the Joliet Diocese Science Teachers Association website.

Students are guided in each part of this long-term project.   The process begins early in Fall and culminates with our school Science Fair in mid-January.


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