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Math and Reading Group Description




General overview of groups (Math & Reading)

Our groups are defined by the class make up.  Each year we look at that specific group and what their needs are at that point in their education.  The journey or plan is not the same for every group, however some aspects of our planning remain consistent.


All groups are:

                *Accountable to the Core Standards and Diocesan Standards at their grade level.

                *Given materials at their level that will promote higher level thinking skills.

                *Accountable to some level of differentiation (even within that group)

                *Given homework and assignments defined by their mastery of the skills presented at any

                                specific time

                *offered opportunities to experience a variety of teaching techniques and assessment formats

                *Continually evaluated for student placement and curriculum needs.


When making the groups we use many criteria:

                *Ability to work independently


                *Classroom teacher recommendation

                *Classroom performance

                *ITBS scores

                *MAP scores


First, our On Level groups are always true to the Core Standard Curriculum for that grade level.  The pace at which the group moves depends upon the needs of that group.


Second, our Enriched group will be students who have already demonstrated a deeper understanding of the concepts at that grade level through identified criteria.  They will move through the material at a quicker pace and may utilize a wider variety of materials.  Students in this group will be expected to at times to be able to work at a higher level of independence.


Lastly, our Accelerated group will be students who have been identified through our criteria to have in most cases mastered many of the grade level skills in that content area.  These students are given supplemental materials and at times even a different text to work from as to continue to challenge their abilities.  These students will be expected to be able to work at a higher level of independence.


Again, all groups are re-evaluated on an annual basis.  We know that children all develop and learn at different rates.  Our goal is to present the material at the level best suited for each of our students.





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