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Preschool Mrs. Marzec/Mrs. Schap/Mrs. Leahy   
Aides Mrs. K. Wartner  
  Ms, Ebeling  
  Mrs. K. Halick  
Kindergarten Ms. C. Benz  11
Kindergarten Mrs. J Caper  12
Aide  Mrs. M. Rebers  
  Ms. Hecht  
1st Grade Ms. M. Lyons
  Mrs. S. Foley-Gajda  9
2nd Grade Ms. E. Kennedy  7
  Ms. L. Pavese 5
3rd Grade Ms. K. Vokac  4
  Mrs. J. Cavanaugh  3
4th Grade Mrs. E. Witt  8

Ms. E. Petry

5th Grade Mrs. D. Lopez  15
  Mrs. T. Pedote  13
6th Grade Mrs. L. Bedore  16
  Mrs. K. Barrett  18
7th Grade Ms. M. Pacana  19
  Mrs. J. Vicenteno 17
8th Grade Mrs. R. McDonald  21
  Ms. J. VanderHye  24
Religion Grades 5, 6, 7 Mrs. J.Medow  
Art Mrs. M. Tourounjian  26
Nurse Mrs. T. Miller, R.N.
Music Mr. M. Watson  
Library Mrs. M. Bartels  
Math Specialist Ms. C. Novak  14
Reading Specialist Mrs. L. Lightbody  1
Tech Lab Ms. K. Rudis  20
  Mr. B. Johnson  
Physical Education Mrs. Dee Dee. Shin  
  Mr. B. Johnson
Spanish Mrs. F. Kmet  
  Mrs. Barrett  

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We are currently closed and continuing our learning at home via computer. We pray that your family remains healthy and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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