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Mrs. Bedore - 6th Grade


5th and 6th grade is off to a great start! The students are adjusting to the new routines.  Fifth Grade is a big year of change for students and good organization is essential for success in the intermediate grades.  During the first quarter, the intermediate teachers focus on helping students develop good organization techniques.  You can help your child by doing the following:

  • Review your child’s assignment notebook daily.  Make sure they are marking down assignments with detail and bringing home all necessary materials.
  • Encourage your child to check off work as it is completed and put it in the appropriate section of their accordion file so that it is returned to school the next day.
  • Use post-its for long term assignments and tests.  Post-its can easily be moved from day to day, and help avoid the possibility of not carrying over assignment information.
  • Go through your child’s accordion file periodically and make sure it is being used appropriately.  There should be a section for each class and work should be filed accordingly.  Students should keep all graded assignments and worksheets to use for studying for chapter tests.
  • Contact your child’s homeroom teacher if you have any concerns about your child.


5th Grade Science

5th Grade science focuses on biology, chemistry and physics.  Currently students are learning about and compare plant and animals cells.  Students will also practice using scientific equipment including microscopes and triple beam scales.  We will learn how to use the scientific method of experimentation by conducting multiple experiments.



6th Grade


6th grade science is going to rock! Yes, we will begin the school year by taking an

in-depth look at geology.  Our studies will include the theory of Earth’s interior, Plate Tectonics, Rocks and Minerals and Earthquakes and Volcanoes.  The students will also review the scientific method by designing and conducting an experiment with controls and variables in preparation for 7th grade Science Fair.  Other areas that will be covered in 6th grade include astronomy and biology with an in depth study of animals.


6th Grade social studies will take students way back in time as we study the beginnings of civilization.  We will begin with our studies of the ancient world with a look at the people of the Stone Age and the beginnings of agriculture.








Mrs. Bedore’s Class Procedures


Follow the STAR expectations!

Come to class prepared!

Treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.

Take care of your textbooks.  Keep them covered with clean book covers.

If you are absent or out of class it is YOUR responsibility to get your missed assignments from your homework partner or teacher. 

Your thoughts are important!  Participate in class discussions and small group work.

Do your best and remember... Practice makes BETTER!

Start of Class:

Enter class quietly.

Sharpen pencils if necessary.

Check the board for directions.



During Class:

Stay in your seat.

Raise your hand to talk or ask permission to leave the room.

Please sharpen pencils before class begins or during class work time only.   

If you leave the room, you must sign the sign-out log-book.


Stop working when time is called.

Make sure all assignments are written in your assignment notebook.

Clean up around your desk.

Pack up homework, textbooks and other supplies.

Wait to be dismissed.


Assignment notebook:

You will be required to maintain an assignment notebook/daily planner.  It should be filled out during each class period following the directions of each teacher.  During the first few weeks of school, I will look over your assignment notebooks to help you get accustomed to the procedure.   

Preparing for class: 

You need to be prepared for class. This includes pencils, papers, textbooks, notebooks, homework, assignment notebook, accordion file, etc.

During morning homeroom, you will need to gather all necessary items needed. If you forget an item in your desk/locker, you will need to sign out to return to your locker or homeroom. 

Phone calls home are for emergency situations only – not because you have forgotten something other than your lunch.  



You should use the bathroom when you first arrive in the morning and at lunch time.

Wash your hands.

No visiting in the bathroom.

Please try and refrain from using the washroom during class. If you need to use the washroom during class, ask for permission, sign out in the log book.

Only one student at a time will be allowed out of class.

Assignment Management System:

Assignments are expected to be turned in on time. If you have not completed an assignment,  you are expected to fill out a Missing Assignment Slip and give it to me to sign and record. You must have the Missing Assignment Slip signed and returned with the missing assignment the next day.  All assignments turned in late will receive a 10% deduction in grade.  You will not receive any credit for a missing assignment that is not turned in the following day. You will still be responsible for completing the assignment.


Assignments, tests, and projects will be posted daily to the 5th and 6th grade webpage under the Homework Connections tab. Students are still required to keep a written record of all class assignments in their assignment notebook. 


Tests                                    45% of final grade

Quizzes & Projects                 35% of final grade

Class work                             20% of final grade


** All students have the opportunity to receive one percentage point on tests with a parent signature and spelling corrections completed and turned in on due date.  

** Extra credit projects are usually given a few times per quarter.  The purpose of these projects is to reinforce concepts and enrich the learning experience.  Extra credit projects will not be given on an individual basis to improve a student’s grade.  







Standards for Written Work:

Legible handwriting, appropriate grammatical skills, and correct spelling are required.

Proper heading is required:

NAME                                          SUBJECT/PERIOD

DATE                                    ASSIGNMENT/PAGE NUMBER

Use your full name in the heading.

The name of the month should be spelled in full.

Only blue or black pen may be used.  Math must be written in pencil only.

Use one color of ink on a page.

Red pen or pencil must be used when correcting work.

Use cursive writing on all regular assignments.  **Maps, charts, graphic organizers and notes may be printed. **

Use wide ruled notebook paper only.  There should be no ragged edges.

Use a ruler to underline and cross out errors.

White out may not be used.  Use a ruler to draw one line through any mistakes

Skip a line between complete sentences.

All short answer and essay questions MUST be answered in full sentence format.


Classroom Management Plan:


Please refer to the Handbook for details regarding our STAR program and for school behavior expectations and policies.



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