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Calling All 6th, 7th and 8th Graders

Join us ‘far, far away’ with everybody’s favorite fairy-tale characters and hulking green Ogre!

Come ‘Be a Believer’ and Sign up to Audition Today

Audition Permission Forms due back tomorrow, October 29th!

Access the form thru the link below!

Audition Dates and Times

Tuesday, November 5th                      8th Grade                     3:30 – 6:00 pm COSTELLO HALL/ICCP

Wednesday, November 6th                 NEW 6th & 7TH Grade  3:30 – 6:00 pm COSTELLO HALL/ICCP

(6TH & 7TH Grade Auditions NOW COMBINED on November 6th)

                        Thursday, November 14th                   Call Backs                    3:30 – 6:00 pm MPH

Monday, December 2nd                      Contract Night            6:00 – 7:00 pm MPH


Sign up Poster will be outside of the school office.   

Audition Permission Form due back by Tuesday October 29th

Attention:  Stephanie DiMarco c/o Marguerite Room 24

If you have any questions, please contact

Fran Denekas (773) 308-6812 or  Stephanie DiMarco (630) 749-8792  or  Tracey Stewart (312) 636-7554

Audition Permission Form

Play Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Shrek Role Descriptions & Monologues

Big Bright Beautiful World, Sing Both Mama & Papa Music

Big Bright Beautiful World, Shrek Music

Story of My Life Music

America the Beautiful Music in B Flat

Star Spangled Banner in B Flat


Hello!  My name is Mrs. McCormick, and I will be your Music Director for Shrek!  I am so excited to hear all if you sing at auditions!  There are five song options: please PICK ONE.  Choose the SONG THAT SHOWS OFF YOUR VOICE THE BEST and don't stress; everyone will be considered for all roles, regardless of the piece you sing for the audition.  Don't forget to show us your acting while you are singing.

*Reminder: please sing your song the first time in your BEST VOICE, not as a character. We may ask you to sing a second time as a certain character, or you can offer to show us your amazing character voice. But do always act, every time you sing.

1. Big Bright Beautiful World


--guys or girls, just sing all the lines, regardless of whether they are meant for Mama or Papa Ogre.  

(For people who shine on low notes)

2. Big Bright Beautiful World, Shrek


Especially for the guys whose voices have started changing, but this could be sung by anyone (guys or girls), either in the low octave that Shrek sings, or the higher octave if you want to show off your high notes.

3. Story of My Life" 


Pinocchio's first verse, starting with "Outed by my nose."

For anyone, guys or girls.  Middle voice range.

Let us know if you want to sing it acting as any character other than Pinnochio! 

*Please focus on showing us the good SINGING you can do, without trying to mimick the voice of any character first. If you want to show us your amazing Pinnochio, Mama Bear, Gingi, or any other fairytale creature voice, you can sing it a second time that way. :)

4. Star Spangled Banner

Anyone, guys or girls.  You may pick a character to act as if you wish.

5. America the Beautiful

Anyone, guys or girls.  You may pick a character to act as if you wish.





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