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A Closer Look at ICGS

Colleen Johnson, Current ICGS Parent and Alumna

“When my family experienced a health crisis, the value of our longstanding relationships at Immaculate Conception Grade School came quickly and sharply into view. No matter how supportive other school environments may be, only in a faith-based setting like ours will school families and teachers regularly gather to pray the Rosary for your loved one after school (with students as young as the first grade frequently leading all five of the decades), while also attending in very practical ways to the needs of your household and children spiritually, developmentally, and emotionally. From the pastor to the principal to many teachers and our school families, we were sincerely overwhelmed by the outreach we not only received, but sustained over a long period of time. This does not happen just anywhere or everywhere, and both the spiritual and tangible blessings we had already long felt from our association with ICGS were significantly deepened throughout our trial.”

The Schriks, Current ICGS Family

“Our experience is summed up well by something our first grader said as we were pulling in to drop him off at school during our first year at ICGS. He said, ‘I love my school and I think they love me!’ They love to see me learn. I love my teachers!’ We had also gotten this feeling through the true sense of community in and around the school but it was so reassuring to hear it from him too.”

Jenny, Leahy, Parent of ICGS Alumni

I invite you to attend a Friday Mass in the Grade School church to witness firsthand the impact of ICGS as a school, family, and a house of God! In this space you will see children from Kindergarten through 8th Grade gathered together, in their uniforms, with their friends, family, and teachers, worshipping God! You will laugh, you will cry, you will be moved to participate, and you will witness the Holy Spirit at work! There is no greater testament for sending our three children to ICGS from Preschool through 8thGrade!”

Ramona Giralamo, Parent of ICGS Alumni

“ICGS provides an education for your mind and love for your soul. Our kids have always been treated with respect. They have been very well educated and have blossomed into compassionate young adults, I believe, because of their experience at ICGS.”

Meg Sullivan, Parents of ICGS Alumni

“The faith formation that my children acquired at ICGS truly astounds me. I did not go to Catholic grade school, so it amazes me how my boys already rely on and live their faith every day, and that is because it has always been priority one at ICGS. This school produces children who are extremely well-prepared academically, but even more importantly, are well- rounded people who exhibit their love of God every day.”

Letitia Tait, Parent of ICGS Alumni

“ICGS is the best decision you’ll ever make to have your students succeed academically, athletically and spiritually. High expectations bring out the best in all of us. My only regret is that we didn’t move our son there sooner!”

Mayra McEvoy, Current ICGS Parent

“My family is overwhelmed by the outpouring of care and love we received when my father, Pap Nilv, recently passed. We’ve been at ICGS for one year but you, the staff, and student families, have made us feel like we’ve been here for 2o years! The amount of love we received is overwhelming—the comforting smiles and hugs, messages, meals, cards, offers to help and entertain our children, prayers for days, offers to talk, and I could go on and on. ICGS has loved on us hard and lifted us through this time. I’m especially grateful that we can talk about my dad without fear since he’s in heaven and has gone home. We celebrate his life everyday with stories and prayers and my kids aren’t afraid. Thanks for the love and kindness from the very bottom of our hearts. We don’t have family in town, but we feel like we do now thanks to the folks at ICGS.”

Mayra McEvoy, Current ICGS Parent

Thank you and bless you ICGS! You have surrounded our family with faith, love and knowledge over the past 16 years. We will continue to grow in our works and deeds, cherish each memory, and thrive on the successful foundation your hands and hearts helped establish.”

Bob and Cathy Platt, Parents of ICGS Alumni

“When we started at ICGS in the fall of 1983, we had two children, ages 1 and 3. It was time for our 3-year old daughter to start preschool. ICGS was just opening their preschool for the first time! Little did I know that the first year would be the first of 32 years! Our family grew from two children to eight over a span of 21 years. ICGS is truly our other home. Each of our eight children has been blessed to be able to attend 11 years there—preschool through 8th grade. Today we are overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the priests, principals, teachers, and other families that we have been blessed to know. It has been nothing short of a beautiful journey and we that the good Lord every day for placing us in such a wonderful school. God bless you all!”

The Tom and Lisa O’Brien Family: Brendan 2012; Charlie 2014; Jack 2016, Maggie 2018

“Thank you ICGS Family! We have enjoyed and appreciated the last 17 years of learning, faith, and love. We will carry with us many treasured memories.”

Kathleen and Steve Hillsman, Parents of ICGS Alumni

“My husband Steve and I truly valued the partnership we had with the teachers and administration at ICGS. From excellent faith formation and service opportunities to competitive opportunities in academics and athletics, ICGS nurtures the whole child. We chose to send our three daughters to a school that reinforces our belief that, through every one of life’s challenges God will always be with them. In a rapidly changing world, we feel that this belief, instilled from a young age, will carry our girls through their most difficult struggles. We also appreciate the sense of responsibility that was instilled in our daughters. They learned that they are called to serve others and to use their talents to improve our world. Thank you, ICGS, for expecting the most from our children in every aspect of their elementary education.”

Dave Wartner, Parent of ICGS Alumni

We are the proud parents of three daughters who have grown up in the ICGS community. We have watched our children become compassionate, caring, young ladies as their faith grew throughout their grade school years. With the support of the ICGS community, the girls learned the importance of service and sharing their talents. Academically, they have been able to accelerate their learning in areas of high competence and compensate in areas where they are more challenged. All of our girls had opportunities to develop their leadership skills through a variety of activities including the early participation in school sports, instilling a sense of pride and teamwork. ICGS provided a great start to our girls’ academic career and helped them develop into leaders in the community!”

Denene Doughty, Current ICGS Parent

“We send out really great, polite, and kind kids. ICGS provides the “whole package.” Not only do we focus on academics, but also faith, community, and pride in oneself.”

Mike and Erin Kapsch, Current ICGS Parents

“Being the parents of five, we have a lot to juggle with regard to our kids’ education. We have always been extremely impressed and happy with the math program at ICGSl. Not only has the math faculty been able to properly assess where our children should be placed, but the development of each of them with the help of their teachers is very satisfying. The everyday experience, combined with the chance to compete in three local high school math contests and have available tutoring if needed, really makes us aware that our kids are in great hands. Another benefit is the ALEKS math program. The time used for ALEKS in our house has proven to be invaluable. Probably most important is that our two oldest, who are now in high school, could not have been better prepared entering the next level of schooling. We credit this, in large part, to the excellent experience that they had at ICGS. We also must mention the vision of Principal, Cathy Linley. When we were choosing where to educate our children over ten years ago, we met with Cathy. When we asked about her views on math, she said she was going to institute a program that would continually grow and evolve. A decade later, she certainly kept her promise. Keep doing what you are doing!”

Brendan O’Brien, Class of ICGS 2012, Engineering major at Georgia Tech

“ICGS provided me with a foundation on which to pursue my passions. By communicating the importance of self-reliance, teamwork, and service, my grade school and high school experiences shaped who I am today. I was fortunate enough to travel to Nicaragua to assess and implement an engineering and health initiative, and I would not have pursued, nor been prepared for this trip, had it not been for my previous educational experiences. Without a doubt, I will forever remember where I am from and how it has impacted my life!”

Christie Hillsman, Class of 2007, University of Notre Dame Class of 2017



“One of the most valuable skills I learned at ICGS was public speaking. Though I couldn’t forsee its benefits at the time, Mrs. Donovan’s 6th Grade monthly speech requirements greatly prepared me for high school and beyond. As a high school student, required to take a one-semester course in speech, I could truly appreciate the value of my prior public speaking training. The students from other grades schools who had never before been required to give speeches, faced much greater struggles with speech class that the ICGS students. While Mrs. Donovan greatly helped me through my sophomore year in high school, I know that the skills I learned in her class will continue to benefit me as I step forward into adulthood. Thank you ICGS.”

Grace Maietta, Class of 2016

“We learn about our faith here and our faith education is just as important as our regular education.”

Megan Backman, ICGS Class of 2012, graduate of University of Iowa Engineering program

“Without the faith-filled atmosphere I experienced at ICGS, I would not be the same athlete or student that I am today. The foundation I received from a Catholic education has been applicable in a variety of ways throughout my high school career. I have come to value the importance of service in the community as well as being respectful in the classroom, on the golf course, or on the basketball court. The lessons and countless gifts my teachers and coaches at ICGS gave me are ones that I will truly appreciate forever.”

Molly Fahey, Class of 2013, studying at the University of Minnesota

“ICGS left me completely prepared to enter my high school career, and ultimately its Catholic education influenced me to attend its neighboring high school, IC Catholic Prep. The ICGS teachers and curriculum challenged me so much that I had almost no struggle entering the rigorous high school classes I would go on to take. At ICGS I learned that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to, and I can succeed at far more than just school. I can honestly say that ICGS helped make me the honors student, two-sport athlete, and active member of the community I am today. The friendships and connections I made at IC will last forever. Being at the school just across the parking lot, I often see the amazing teachers I once had and cannot believe how fast the time has gone since my wonderful days at ICGS.

Anthony Pierotti, Class of 2009, University of Notre Dame Class of 2017

I would say that the biggest differentiator between ICGS and any of the other schools in the area would be the students and the families that are a part of the community. I’ve gone to school with some of my closest friends for 18 consecutive years, and that is thanks to IC. It’s been a pleasure to grow with them and their families, and it has provided me with the stable foundation upon which I will continue to develop as an adult.”

Chris Cheng, ICGS Class of 2006, University of Wisconsin-Madison Class of 2014

“Honestly, I can say that I would not be where I am today without the help of ICGS. IC taught me many valuable lessons that I use every day. To this day, I still use the tools I have learned in math, science, and grammar. Although I know you all think sometimes your teachers can be tough, they truly know what they are talking about, and I advise you all to listen. Believe me, YOU DO USE THOSE MATH PROBLEMS ALL THE TIME! Continue to work hard in all your classes, and I guarantee your hard work will pay off in the end. Most importantly, ICGS taught me skills and values that I use outside the classroom every day. The character and faith values ICGS instilled in me have been a vital part to my growth as a young man. Continue to always make smart decisions, see the good in others, and keep God close. I know you hear it all the time, but these small tasks can really make a huge impact in your life. Lastly, continue to build friendships with all your classmates. To this day, I still keep in touch with all of them, and they are always there for me when I am in need of a helping hand.”

Pre K Program

Pre K - 3

Pre K - 4

Pre-K 3



  • 5 MORNINGS (M-F) 8 - 11 AM
  • 5 FULL DAYS (M-F) 8 AM - 2:35 PM


  • Halloween Party
  • Family Christmas Social
  • Valentine's Day Party
  • End of Year Program & Picnic

  • Seasonal and Liturgical Year social events and programs
  • State of the art outdoor playground
  • State of the art Smartboard technology


Immaculate Conception Grade School's Pre-Kindergarten 3 program utilizes the Creative Curriculum for Early Childhood. The Creative Curriculum balances both teacher-directed and child-initiated learning, with an emphasis on responding to children's learning styles and building on their strengths and interests. The Pre-K 3 day includes Religion, Math, Language Arts, Music, Art, story time, social/emotional development opportunities, and physical activity.

"Stories of God's Love" program is used to build an awareness within students of our Father's everlasting love for them. Awareness of God's love and blessings allows students to develop a sense of respect for themselves and others. Prayer is introduced in order to teach students that they walk through every day of their lives with their friend, Jesus.


Why a Catholic Education?

Benefits of a Catholic Education

Learn More. Beyond teaching Science, Technology, and many other advanced and core courses, our gifted teachers also lead meaningful and open classroom discussions about faith, morality and Catholic spirituality, providing your child with an early opportunity to explore things about the world and themselves not found in secular textbooks and mandated lesson plans.

Be Treated as an Individual. Since many of our schools begin in pre-kindergarten and progress through 8th grade, our teachers and staff are uniquely positioned to proactively assess, refine, and enhance your child's individual development day-after-day and year-after-year for as many as eleven consecutive years, leading to an unparalleled understanding of your child and their unique needs.

Make the Right Choices. While our teachers and staff work very hard to prepare your child to excel academically, they are equally focused on instilling Catholic values into their young hearts and minds so that when faced with a difficult decision outside the classroom, your child has the character to make the right choice, based on the teachings of Christ, no matter what their friends or anyone else might say.

Change the World. Our schools empower your child with the knowledge, self-confidence, and moral compass to become leaders in high school and beyond, changing and bettering their communities and their world one idea, one person, and one conversation at a time.

Study with Great Teachers. Expert, passionate, and selfless, our teachers personally invest themselves in the success of your child, seeing them as not just another student, but rather as someone's beloved son or daughter who is deserving of all the individual attention, undivided love, and thoughtful encouragement necessary to reach their full, God-given potential.

Discover Your Talents. Whether you believe your child to be the next Lincoln or Sandberg, Fermi, or DuSable, Butkus, or Banks, Bernardin or Cabrini, our schools offer a growing and diverse collection of clubs, sports and activities to suit nearly any budding interest or blossoming young passion, making it possible for your child to safely discover their talents, and maybe even surprise themselves-and you-in the process.

Achieve Ahead of Your Peers. Methodically prepared by their teachers and lovingly supported by mothers, fathers, and family members who saw Catholic education as a sensible investment in their future, our former students consistently achieve ahead of their peers in the high schools and colleges of their choice, with many earning valuable scholarships worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Belong to Something Bigger. As your child learns more, builds character, changes the world, and discovers their talents, they will also begin to find new meaning in life through the structured beliefs and moral foundation of the Catholic Church, and to understand that they now belong to something bigger-and infinitely higher-than themselves.

Find Unity in the Core Values in a Catholic Education. Our Catholic core values unite us, from the office to the farthest corners of the playground. In the labs, on the playing field, in the lunch line, and in the classroom, this is who we are and why we are here.

Incorporating Faith Into the Classroom. Our schools incorporate Catholic spirituality into every aspect of the curriculum, reinforcing to students that their personal faith, centered on the Eucharist and the sacraments, remains relevant regardless of the course they might be studying or the situation in which they might find themselves.

Balance Challenging Courses with a Nurturing Environment. Our caring teachers balance high expectations for each boy or girl with a genuine respect and love for that student, recognizing always that each child is unique and therefore ever- deserving of individualized attention and one-on-one focus.

Collaborate with Families. Understanding that many parents work, and some may even work multiple jobs, our teachers and school leadership do their best to maintain proactive, candid, and open communication with each student's family, because learning doesn't stop at the edge of the schoolyard, nor is it where it begins.

Hold Each Other to a Higher Standard. Inspired by the Gospel, our teachers, staff, and school leadership hold one another to a higher standard of professionalism, morals, and ethics both in and out of the classroom, believing one of our primary roles is to provide an example for our school communities of faithful Christian witness.

Look Ahead. As tomorrow’s innovations promise to leapfrog today's technologies, our local school leaders are continually looking ahead to ensure their schools' learning resources, teaching approaches, and classroom tools stay abreast of new ideas and best practices as they plan for the long-term success that will benefit students and teachers alike.

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